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Certified translation services

Global-based companies seek certified translation. Company documents require conversion to local languages for dissemination.  

England Certified Translation Company pledges quality and adherence to project requirements. Our $17.5/page rate is reasonable owing to high-end quality. 

This sector is swarming with dozens of companies, but  quality is our linchpin, surpassing deadlines and meeting unprecedented demands. 

Our Features

Certified document translation

Certified translation is sought by individuals and businesses for legal certificates, technical work and professional papers.  We assure quality and accuracy for all projects. 

Certified language translation is needed by holders of official documents. They include legal certificates and corporate material. 

Certified companies bring in proficient translators. We use native translators and top-notch linguists. 

Other Services

birth certificate, Website, Document, certified , business, book, financial, official, audio, video, technical.

Language Translation Services

  • ✓ Spanish
  • ✓ Arabic
  • ✓ Russian
  • ✓ Portuguese
  • ✓ Arabic
  • ✓ German
  • ✓ Chinese
  • ✓ Polish
  • ✓ Italian
  • ✓ French
  • ✓ Greek
  • ✓ Vietnamese
  • ✓ Dutch
  • ✓ Thai
  • ✓ Turkish & More
Audio Video Format

We accept and deliver file formats such a DVF, MOV,CD, MP2, WMV,DDS, CAF, DVD, FLV, AVI, M4A, MSV, MP3, WAV, MP4, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TIF/TIFF, GIF, JPEG, AIFF/AIF and , AMR , , WMA more.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. Who needs certified legal translation?
  • 2. Do you offer certified translation for immigration?
  • 3. Do you provide certified notarized translation?
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